Who Ever Said Orange Was the New Pink Was Seriously Disturbed!

Collection Spring / Summer '16

The very name of the collection can be interpreted as a common stereotype of colours, in my opinion, the biggest stereotype is placed on the colour pink, which in our current society is perceived as an exclusive colour for the female sex. Looking back, pink was also used in clothing for men as well as for women aristocratics.

With the monochrome pink collection, I break the used stereotypes, and I ask whether pink is really a female privilege, and I suggest the question of transgender. In the collection, I intentionally confuse female and male elements in clothing between the sexes.

The collection was designed in 2014 and still, even now in 2021, talks about very current theme of transgender, which is still a big tabu in bigger parts of our society.

Models: Samuel S., Kristína S. (Mix Model Managment), Make Up & Hair Credit: Dominika Drums, Photo Credit: Alexandra Bališová