50% OFF

Collection Spring / Summer '18

The 50% OFF collection is a critique on the current state of fashion industry, of fast fashion chains, but mainly it talks to independent customers. Because when people are still buying clothes in fast fashion chains and clothes that have been made in unethical conditions, manufacturers have no reason to stop producing those clothes
During the fashion show of the 50% OFF collection, I have sent clothes to the catwalk, which clearly said that they were doomed to a sale from the very beginning, as is the case with most clothes in Fast Fashion stores. I am also talking about the real value of products, if people buy at 50% discounts, so in the end they should also get what they actually paid for and therefore the devaluated product, or only half of the product. That is why the models marched on the catwalk in only one shoe.
50% OFF, Collection presented on Fashion Live! Bratislava 2017

Photo Credit: Welin Nagyová, Katarína Támová, Mischel Warenits